Sponsor Booth Rules, Terms, & Condition

Violating the Terms & Conditions or Event Rules may result in expulsion from the event. No refunds will be given to vendors that violate the Event Rule or Terms & Conditions.

Rules & Regulations

Permits: All food vendors must have proper permits from Harris County Health Department.
Zero Waste: The Run Houston! Race Series events are Zero Waste events. Food packaging items are preferred to be recyclable or biodegradable.
Alcohol: Vendors will not be allowed to sell alcohol on site.
Attendance: All vendors, by signing this form you are under contract and must be set up and ready to go by time listed on the provided load in/out package.
Tent Cleanup: Vendors may not begin breakdown before the time specified in the event specific Sponsor and Event Information packet. Vendors are responsible for stacking boxes and trash after cleanup near tent. The Zero Waste Team will pick up, recycle, compost and discard in the proper location.
Printed Material: No petitions or printed material, political or otherwise may be displayed or distributed during the event.
Electrical: Electricity may be available at the event. Vendors must bring their own extensions cords and cord coverings. Vendors my also bring their own generators with approval from event management. Generators must not create noise that may interfere with the athlete experience. Generators that event management deems too loud must be turned off immediately.
Smoking: Smoking is not allowed within 200 feet of the race site.
Not allowed: Unlawful drug/alcohol possession will not be tolerated.

Terms & Conditions

Exhibitor agrees to have booth set up and remove the booth at the times and dates described in the event-specific Sponsor and Vendor Event Information Packet. Exhibitor agrees to have booth staffed during the entire event and to comply with the event-specific Sponsor and Vendor Event Information Packet rules provided to the exhibitor. All exhibitor products and signage must fit within booth space with no attaching items to the walls. Exhibits must not block other booths or walkways. An event map will be provided prior to setup times and dates. Event management reserves the right to remove inappropriate or obstructive displays. Use of exhibit space by two or more companies is not permitted. Event management reserves the right to reject, restrict or remove any exhibit. Exhibitor agrees that event management may change the space assignments. Event management reserves the right to not accept an application due to incorrect information or prior agreements. Submitting this form does not guarentee a booth space will be reserved. No charges are accessed until agreement is made and Exhibitor receives an invoice.