Runners that complete all five events in the Run Houston! Race Series for the calendar year earn a special Series Finisher items. Athletes earn credit for completing the event with verified results for the 5k, 10k, kids 1k, and virtual distance races for each event. For virtual events, results must be submitted by the completion date listed on the Virtual Event Information page. Those that submit results after the designated period will not be eligible for Series Finisher items. 

2016 Series Finishers

Those that complete all five events in the 2016 Run Houston! Race Series will earn a Series Finisher medal display provided by Negative Split Awards & Displays. The display will include mounting hardware for each race's medal and a place to hang your ribbons.

Click the buttons below to see if you're on your way to earning your 2016 Run Houston! Race Series Finisher Display. One point is awarded after completing each event so Series Finishers will have a total of 5 points at the end of the year. If you are not listed with the appropriate amount of points after each race (for example, 3 points awarded after the third race is complete) please use the contact form below to have your results verified. Because the kids 1k medals are smaller than the 5k/10k medals, the finisher points are tracked separately.