2019 Run Houston! Series Finisher Item Selection

Use this page to select your 2019 Series Finisher Item(s) below. Please note the following:

  • Each Series Finisher should make one selection below. The options are:

    • Series Finisher Medal Display for no charge

    • Series Finisher Custom 30 oz Tumbler for a $10 charge

    • Both the Medal Display and Custom 30 oz Tumbler for a $20 charge

  • If you are wanting both the Medal Display and the Tumbler, please ensure you select the “Medal Display & Custom 30 oz Tumbler” Option.

  • If you are selecting the Medal Display only, there is no cost for this selection. The checkout screen will still prompt for credit card information, but you will leave this blank and continue finalizing your order.

  • If you are selecting for multiple Series Finishers in your household, you will go through the selection process and fill out the required form separately for each Series Finisher. Once you complete the form for your first Series Finisher’s item selection, you will click “Back to Series Finisher Selection” to start again.