Run Houston! Elite Runner Qualifying Standards

Any runners wishing to run for FREE and compete in our elite male/female 5k/10k waves must meet the following qualification standards prior to registering. If you meet the standards please email for your race entry code.

PLEASE NOTE - Elites may not register for regular age group mass (chip) start. Elites must register elites to receive their comped entry. Elites are also only eligible for the top 3-overall male/female awards, not age group awards. Masters and grand masters elites will be timed with every other elite. If a Masters or Grand Masters runner wishes to compete in those categories they must register (pay) as an age group athlete and start with the masses (chip time), after the elite start(s).


Have you raced an event of equivalent distance and met our time standards listed below?

10K Elite Wave Qualifying TimeS

  • Male - Under 37min (5:57/mile or faster)
  • Female - Under 40min (6:26/mile or faster)

5k Elite Wave Qualifying Times

  • Male - Under 17min (5:29/mile or faster)
  • Female - Under 19min (6:07/mile or faster)