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Frequently asked questions

Is my donation tax deductible?

All individual contributions made either through the donation page or offline donations made directly to Together in Hope (please include "Houston Race Series Flood Relief Fund in the memo section) are tax deductible. The portion of your race fees being donated to the fund is not tax deductible. 

Who benefits from this? 

We will be vetting local nonprofits around the area to determine where the most good can be done. The number of nonprofits who receive funds will depend on the amount raised because we want to make sure there is a real impact with the money raised. 

Why haven't you decided on a beneficiary yet? 

The impacts of Harvey are still getting national attention meaning donations are pouring in to many of the large nonprofit organizations. They are doing great work but we want to let the dust settle to determine where some very worthy local nonprofits may have been overlooked and provide the funds to them.